What is it ?

makes cost-saving internet telephony as comfortable and convenient
as traditional telephony.

The old way...

Up to now, people making their internet phone calls from a PC have used a microphone and speaker connected to the soundcard. Others use a headset combining earphones and a microphone.


Both of these systems have their drawbacks:
The use of a speaker limits the privacy of the phone call and gives the familiar feedback problem when the microphone picks up the speaker output.
The headset solution avoids the feed-back but does not allow you to hear the ring of an incoming call, unless you keep it on your head all the time...

Today's way! The handset
has solutions to all these problems and permits you to make phone calls via the internet with the same comfort and convenience offered by a conventional telephone handset. You pick it up when you need it and you put it back on its cradle when you are through with it.
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