February 2003
"Let's Chat", un vrai combiné!
"Let's Chat", a real handset!
Des coups de fil très "Net"
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  February 2003
PC Achat
TEST : Multimedia Handset for IP Telephony
Receives 5 Stars and is recommended by PC Achat!

  February 2003
CyberTelephony, it finally works! A Reality in terms of Quality and Cost! Traditional Operators start to worry…
  February 2003

TEST : Let's chat
® IPT 2.11
HEADsets belong to the past;…Now you can use a comfortable and affordable HANDset!

  February 2003
VoIP: a reality!
The French company ITEM intl sells a Handset for PCs
  January 2003
Action Micro
FREE telephony is back! with the "Let's chat"®
  October 2002
IBM news
IBM promotes the Computer Handset IPT 2.11 in Copenhagen during "Cisco Networkers 2002" 10/21/2002 - 10/24/2002
  August 2002
20 "
Phone over the web.
ITEM intl. manufactures an Internet Telephone Handset

  August 2002
Micro Hebdo
A Telephone for Internet
  February 2001
Telefona gratis
TISCALI offers the IPT 2.11 Handset for use with a PC,

  September 1999
Telephone accessories for Internet-Telephony.
First "Let's chat"® PC-Handset IPT1.1 from ITEM intl. received PLUS-Award
  September 1999
Bezeq - Vocaltec
Bezeq and Vocaltec use the handset IPT 1.1 in a joint offering.


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