Automatic Speaker Switch Auxiliary Speaker Jack
Noise Canceling Microphone Volume Control
Special Holder Mylar Speaker
Spiral Cord 30-day money back guarantee
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Automatic Speaker Switch

The handset connects simply to the PC's sound card (without the need for any driver) and allows the external PC-speakers to be re-connected. The built-in switch automatically mutes the PC-speakers when the handset is lifted from its holder or just from the desk. With this patented design there is no need anymore to lower the volume on the PC-speakers, or to disconnect them during phone-calls, unlike with any other HEAD- or HANDset.

This unique patented feature permits the user to hear the ring sound of incoming "PC to PC" or "phone to PC" calls, which he would not hear by just connecting a HEADset -even an expensive one. The user therefore will not miss phonecalls anymore because -for a few moments- he was not in front of his computer!

With ANY SoftPhone, and OUR handset your computer becomes
a real phone!

Auxiliary Speaker Jack

Listen to your stereo speakers without unplugging your Let's Chat Handset; the auxiliary speaker jack enables you to re-connect your speakers without interfering with the Let's Chat Handset operation..

High Quality Noise Canceling Microphone

Let's Chat is an affordable but professional internet telephone device using modern Noise Cancellation techniques. With its high quality noise canceling microphone, therefore, it can also be used with your favorite voice recognition software.

Volume Control

Although you can always adjust your microphone and speaker volume with a click of the mouse on your computer screen, we have provided a thumbwheel potentiometer on the side of the handset for easy adjustment of earpiece volume as an added convenience. You can sit back relaxed and easily adjust audio level to your comforts.

Special Holder

Let's Chat is designed to be used as your high quality all-purpose computer microphone. The holder can be fixed with the self-adhesive tape either on the side or on the front panel of the monitor. This allows the handset to be conveniently within your reach. However it can also just be put on the desk for the switch to function.

Mylar speaker

The handset is fitted with a Mylar Speaker which does NOT influence the color of your monitor screen. (Just hold a standard telephone handset close to the screen and you will notice that the screen colour changes, because the shaddow-mask inside the screen becomes magnetized).

Spiral Cord

Let's Chat comes with a partially coiled and shielded extra long cord of 2.5 meters (100 inches) for comfortable use. The spiral cord can be fixed with the special Cable Clip on the side of the monitor to avoid desktop-clutter. The cord is sufficienltly long to reach under the table PC's.

30-day money back guarantee

We know that you won't change your mind; therefore, we offer Let's Chat with an unconditional, " no-questions-asked ", 30-day money back guarantee in addition to our regular 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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