was especially designed for internet telephony. It is not just a standard telephone handset adapted for connection to your sound card. Our engineers have looked thoroughly into every aspect of its use. Its patented design is dedicated to serving the IP telephony mission whether on the desktop or in your briefcase next to your portable computer.

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The patented let's chat® IPT 2.1 handset is the second generation of handsets for computers, specifically designed for Internet telephony for the residential, SOHO and business user!

Feature-rich and yet affordable!
It connects to the PC's sound card and allows the external PC-speakers to be re-connected.
Its main advantage is the automatic muting of the PC-speakers when it's lifted from its holder or from the desk. There is no need to lower the volume or disconnect the PC-speakers (like when using a HEADset!) to avoid echo during an internet phone call.
Most of all, however, this patented feature permits users to hear the incoming ring of a , "PC to PC" or "phone to PC" internet call. The user does NOT have to be always in front of his PC waiting for a call. (The external PC speakers remain always connected, at the preset volume, as long as the handset is not used).
A noise-canceling HiFi microphone assures excellent audio quality
right at the beginning, the input of a sound-card.

The handset has further a convenient thumb-wheel volume control right on the side, to adjust the volume of the earpiece; therefore no need to adjust volume in the software telephone (SoftPhone) set-up during a conversation.

Let's Chat® comes with a self-adhesive plastic holder and a special MYLAR speaker which allows it to be placed on the front panel of the monitor for maximum convenience without distorting the color of the screen, (a normal telephone handset will cause color impurity in the vicinity of the earpiece).

Thanks to its high quality noise canceling microphone, the Let's Chat® handset will become your PROFESSIONAL, ALL-PURPOSE computer microphone.

A beta version IPT 1.1 has been on the market since it was first shown in March 1998 at CeBIT in Hanover (Germany), the world's largest computer show, where it was used for demo purposes at the VocalTec and Net2Phone booths. Both companies are pioneers in internet telephony, PC to PC and PC to Phone technologies.

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